Chairman's Message







The Administration of Maharshi Dayanand Shiksha Samiti at Jaipur intimated me on phone about the sanction accorded by the State Government to start Maharshi Dayanand Law College, I was pleased to hear that our institution will get due respect from the legal fraternity.

Mahatma Gandhi propounded a theory, ’Right began on Consciousness’.

In our country everyone talks of poverty but does not consider that process of impoverishment is increasing day by day. I play politics with the necessity of the needy, This kind of attitude helped me a lot in my career as a Lawyer.

The judge ought to be impartial but not impassive. This basic Mantra was always kept in mind while performing the duties of a judge. I had the opportunity to be the Executive Chairman of the State Legal Aid Board, I know the soul of the constitution lies not only in chapter III regarding the fundamental rights but also in chapters IV & IV(A) regarding the directive principles and duties. Article 37 provides that the principles therin are nevertheless fundamental in governance of the country and it shall be the duty of the State to apply these principles in making laws. The Chapter III regarding fundamental rights directs that an injection can be issued against the state to allow the citizen to enjoy the rights. Chapter IV is a positive direction to the State to apply these principles in making laws as they are fundamental in character. These principle of State policy while enacting laws can not be lost right of.

Making of law is wise enough to include interpretation of laws. I am stressing this part of article 37 only. With a view that Maharshi Dayanand College will take it as issue before the Court of Law that the State government has no jurisdiction to repeal any law enacted for the purpose of implementation of chapter IV relating to the directive principle just like ordinary law as it is fundamental duty of the State to implement directive principles. I wish that the management will succeed in making the college exemplary college.